Thursday, October 2, 2014

Some random things and the wrath of running

One of the hardest things about running in the southern hemisphere is relearning the metric system.

Oh except for maybe the fact that there is a big ozone gap (thanks northern polluters) over us and therefore the sun hates you and your pasty anglo celtic skin.

Anyway, im gradually learning to convert my miles into km. Mins per km is tougher but getting there. 

Anyway cool story bro.

More to the point, running has been coming and going in fits and starts. After recovering from my cuboid stress fracture, I began a slow and steady build up of mileage (km-age?) and was running a good 30miles (48km) per week, before I was hit with another niggle that took me out for a couple of weeks; a labrum pinching. The labrum is the cartelage in your hip socket apparently. 

Anyway, ugh harrumph. Just have to keep reminding myself that distance running is a cruel mistress; she takes no prisoners and no one is immune to her wrath of injury!! 

In the meantime, Im enjoying views around Sydney when I do get to run:

And lots of barbequing on our balconey! 

- Penny