Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Trail Run in the Blue Mountains

So Im still alive. Or for anyone new reading our blog, hi! hey there, hello! No you didnt just stumble upon "Two Little Runners: Kristen's Journey Through Dual Personality Disorder". There is a whole second person here!

Truth is, i spent most of last year injured and then the first couple of months of this year spent working on a big case that took most of my intellectual and emotional energy, in addition to any other remnants of patience, kindness, self-control and such other vaguely christian-like traits I had about me... So blogging about running hasnt been my favourite thing. Aaand when Ive wanted to, the ratio of cusswords to normal ones would have been so bad I would likely have lost 50% of our readership (thanks for staying Dad).

Anyway, to refresh and unwind we travelled with some friends to the Blue Mountains last weekend.  I took the opportunity to go for a beautiful trail run that lifted my spirits immensely. Here are a few photos: 

Just beautiful. Completely solitary. I did six miles up and down, and averaged probably about 12mins/mile. It was extremely rocky in places; many i had to walk, and some even climb. 

It was also wet from the night before so I got a constant spray of fresh rain water from the fern fronds I ran past; and a suitably impressive wave of mud up both my legs.  I also ran through about 15 different spider webs, each time doing the OMGIHAVEASPIDERONMEGETITOFFNOW dance. Thankfully no one around to see that. 

And to boot, my hip (labrum tear, recovery from which will be the subject of another post) felt great!

I have done trail runs before though nothing this tricky. Tempted to get some trail runners and try some more!