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Hi, and welcome to Two Little Runners

We are full time lawyers - most weeks more than full time! We used to work at the same law firm (and lived in the same city, San Diego) and are now running towards similar goals on opposite coasts sides of the world (Penny moves a lot).

Both of us have a methodical approach to running. Between us we've probably read 50 books on running. We try not to parrot the experts we read but, rather, share what works/doesn't work for us and why.

We write the occasional endorphin fueled I love running posts, and to balance it all out, you'll also see dark, stormy injury-fueled posts. Keeping it real!

I'm located in San Diego. I'm a long time athlete but took up running April 2011 after watching Without Limits and then reading Born to Run. I've been a really dedicated runner since the day after my first 10K, November 7, 2011. I'm motivated by PRs! I've done quite a few half marathons now and am on a quest for a sub-1:30, hopefully in 2014. Probably will tackle my first full in 2015.

I'm Australian, originally from Melbourne, then Virginia, then San Diego, then NYC and now back in Sydney! I have been "distance" running since I was 12, inspired by my marathon-running dad. I ran cross-country and track as a teen, but with little to no training at a high school where academics were the focus (our "coach" once laughed at me for heading off to a run in the bush after school!)

I have since run on and off, through the years, but finally got serious about upping mileage and speed at the beginning of 2011. This was accompanied by simultaneous upping of carb-intake and midday coffee runs with Kristen to get us through the long lawyerly days.


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