Sunday, January 20, 2013

Running lots, working more and turning 30

Well hey there. After Kristen's diligent post - despite our current working conditions (ie, the work doesnt end) - I felt compelled to update the etherwebs about my last month or so. 

The last month running wise has been about slowly building my mileage back up with easy miles plus a few fast single miles and progression runs here and there. 

Dec 23- Dec 29: 23 miles
Dec 30 - Jan 5: 23 miles
Jan 6 - Jan 12: 36 miles
Jan 13 - Jan 20: 41 miles.

What else has been happening here? I got sick with a disgusting sinus infection right when we began trial. The group of people we are working with were all sick when we started, and it was only a matter of time before the festering germ-bank that is our work area began to infect us as well. 

Our heads feel like they are big enough to have their own weather systems. We're working til 10pm on New Years Eve. But smile for the camera!!
Also? I turned 30. Yup, the big 3-oh. I rang in my birthday with a lovely 10 miles.... followed by a 16-hour work day. That was a fantabulous way to enter my thirties. At least I got some lovely presents, including:

A road ID from the hubs (I think this was more for his peace of mind, than mine). As you can see, he decided to also get it engraved with my tongue-in-cheek running motto. 

I also received a lover-ly running swiftly lulu from Kristen:

These tops are deceptively warm, so I have been easily able to withstand running in 30 degree weather with these tops, a parka and running tights. 

In other news Ive decided Im gunna run a marathon in 2013. May 5. Jersey shore. I hope I see Snookie and the Situation there.

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