Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hullo Again San Diego

Why hello there, from the marvelous city of San Diego, where sunshine splashes your face from morning to eve, the Mexican food is to die for, and where the smells wafting through downtown alternate seamlessly between pot-smoke and urine.

I am here to eat tacos, run in the sunshine and hang out with Kristen for work, arriving last Thursday and leaving next Monday.
You know you're a runner when you go on a work trip and bring at least as much running gear as you do office clothes.

I am spending my days writing a brief that will be filed prior to me going home to New York. Also spending my days running around my old haunts. I have run down on the harbor (Kristen informed me recently that its termed the Embarcadero)

I dont care what your proper name is, you sexy beast of a long-flat running course with beautiful scenery

K and I also planned two long runs, one of which we've already done around Mission Bay:

It was a nice 15-mile run at 8:30 pace (clearly aerobic because we were talking the entire time). My legs have felt a bit heavy after a couple of weeks of increased mileage and some pretty hard runs, and balancing recovery from the Oceans Run Half. After the race, I made myself wait at least 10 days before adding back in any speed or tempo work to my schedule, so the week-after's runs were all easy.

March 10th-17th
Sunday: Oceans Run half marathon
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: probably the slowest 6 miles I have ever run. Probably around 9:30 pace.
Wednesday: 8 miles easy
Thursday: 40 mins easy elliptical. Short leg/butt/hamstring strength session.  
Friday: 9 miles easy
Saturday: 9 miles easy

Total: 45 miles

March 18-23rd
Sunday: 18 miles at 8:05 avg pace. 
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 8 miles easy
Wednesday: 10 miles, with 8 marathon-pace tempo  (7:18 avg pace). [Felt like complete rubbish from the first tempo mile, and nearly quit at mile 2 (yay for mental strength development!) However I had just hopped off a 6-hour flight from NY, run my longest run ever a couple of days prior, and had run a HM only 10 days prior. Expecting miracles from my legs, much?]
Thursday: 15 mins elliptical, leg and core strength workout
Friday: Speed/threshold: 1 mile easy, 6x1 mile repeats at half-marathon pace, with 400m jog recoveries, 1 mile easy (10 miles total).  Splits were: 6:56, 6:55, 6:52, 6:56, 6:57, 6:5. [Happier with this one. Felt strong and controlled throughout.]
Saturday: 7 miles easy

Total: 52 miles = highest mileage ever!!

Mainly I was (a) stoked to avoid injury this week; and (b) relieved to have gotten at least one long run in so far before NJ despite using the Hansons plan. More on that later.

For now, let me leave you with a foodie pic:

Beer-steamed shrimp in some kind of garlic-ey butter sauce, with a salad. Unpictured: countless tortilla chips, tacos and mountains of fresh fruit I have consumed since being here.  Next post will likely include a magical bean and cheese burrito that Kristen has me SOLD on...


  1. Good running and beautiful scenery. You are really dedicated to get so much done during travel! I think the last time I was on vacation for a week I ran exactly three times, and all super short.

    1. Ha- actually work trips can be ideal for getting in quality running, especially if you have nice weather. My husband is not there, I am tied to no schedules except for work.... and I get to explore new/old running routes! Vacation may be a different story :)

  2. Warning - bean burritos do not photograph well. :)