Monday, June 3, 2013

Back from Florida Keys and Posterior Shin Splints

So I'm back from Florida Keys, home of great seafood, great sun and sand-flies in my undies. Yup, that happened.

The hubs and I camped in our little tent by the water, spending all our money on wave-riders, kayaking, snorkelling and delicious seafood dinners.

There was plenty of this:

And this....

And this...

Not so much of this...

Can we talk about Key Lime Pie for a second? Actually, there's not really that much to talk about. But oh my holy aunt. So good.

Back in New York, I have been joining Kristen on the cross-train... train. My few attempts at running have been foiled by an old niggle; posterior shin splints in my right leg. It doesn't really hurt while running, but I don't want to make it worse. Plus if there was ever a time to rest and stay healthy, its now. Last time it went away with a combination of stretching and rolling calf muscles, and some eccentric calf dips. Hopefully that will help? Anyone else got any ideas?

In the meantime, I'm working on not getting rotund from excessive cravings for key lime pie. Its a pity we don't really have it here. But we also don't have sandflies... for which my butt is eternally grateful.

~ Penny


  1. I get shin splints when I return to running after a break. I always back off a little and do toe raises - heels on the stair step, facing downstairs, and dip and raise toes. 30 a day seems to do the trick in about a week.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely try it... my pain is on the inside of my lower calf/ankle. The side that faces the other leg. Have you had it there before?

      Backing off is sooooo boring (I know I dont need to tell you ;)

  2. Sand flies are awful. In fact, I had no idea they existed in the US. We first encountered them in New Zealand while enjoying a 2 day kayak trip. We did not exactly enjoy the subsequent 7-day itch-fest... Hope your butt bites are recovering. At least arms and legs are more socially acceptable places to scratch... :-/

    1. Ha, mine went away quickly! Thank goodness!

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