Wednesday, October 16, 2013

On The Road Again

Last time I saw Penny (mid-September), I, rather dramatically, told her that I might be done running, perhaps I would go back to tennis or get into yoga more, and she should think about what she wants to do with the blog. 

That really was the path I was on. But saying those things out loud sounded funny to my own ears, even though I had been thinking them for a long time. I decided to fully open my mind to the possibility of running again and ask (the universe?) for running back.

Now (mid-October), I’ve had three weeks of solid progress. I’m making a comeback. 
  1. Week one – I ran three times on the treadmill for a total of 12 miles. Plus, workouts with weights, yoga, elliptical, and paddle board surfing.
  2. Week two – Was basically a repeat. Staying at three very easy treadmill runs for a total of 12 miles. Plus, workouts with weights, yoga, elliptical, and kayaking.
  3. Week three – Two easy treadmill runs plus my first outdoor run since May! For a total, again, of 12 miles. Plus, workouts with weights, yoga, elliptical, and kayaking. 
Re paddle board surfing and kayaking. I've been spending a lot of time this summer in the water in Mission Bay. It's something fun to do that occupies my weekend time formerly spent on long runs around Mission Bay.

On the agenda for this week is ~13 miles, that is +10% of last week's mileage. Doing it by the book! With one outdoor run again. 

I need to reintroduce road running very slowly. I may have maintained some of my cardio fitness, but my shins were on fire from my first outdoor run. The impact! There is a huge difference between impact on the treadmill (soft as a cloud) versus the road (hard as a rock)!

Any advice for building back to my former running self?

two little runners ~Kristen 


  1. Slow and steady, and keep it fun. Whatever you loved most about running pre-injury, try to work that back in. If it was running every day, then run shorter runs but more often. If it was long runs, then tack your mileage onto one run to start building a mini long run. If it was the social aspect, then grab a running friend, who will probably be so happy that you're back that he/she will be happy to run any pace you like. Or even on the treadmill next to you!

    Oh - and maybe try a flat, easy path or trail for your return to outdoors. It's something of a in-between the treadmill and road. Might make those shins a little happier. Just a thought.

    Good luck, and enjoy/love every mile!

    From, A random stranger who started reading/commenting at just about the time of your injury.....

    1. Holly, Kristen is not allowed to have any other running friends but me. ONLY ME!!!! Haha.

    2. Well, then CALL PENNY. She'll just have to put up with the heavy breathing coming over the phone line.... :)

    3. Hi Holly, I think a slow build up is exactly what I need to do! Here's hoping I can stick to that without getting impatient or egotistical. Ha! I like your idea of focusing on what I loved most about running. That was definitely exploring new areas of San Diego!!

  2. Slow and steady wins the race! Or, at least, gets to come back to races slowly and steady. I have heard this over and over about trails vs. treadmills vs. road, but I seriously never notice a difference on my legs. It could be because I run super slow or because I know I am a klutz and the road is the best option for not tripping and dying. I wish I knew how to feel it! Anyway, glad to hear you are on your way back!

    1. Hi Amy!! You would be able to feel the difference if you took 5 months off of running like me! Huge difference! I can run 5 miles on treadmill with no soreness now. But after only 3.5 on the road, ouch!! ~Kristen