Monday, November 18, 2013

Progress Progresses

Wow, I last reported in late October. Now it’s late November…where does the time go? Of late mine’s gone into the deep black, soul crushing hole of work. 

I spent a week in New York, which was made better by a weekend hanging out with Penny!

We spent an entire day shopping and neither of us bought ANYTHING! 

Except brunch at Serafina's, where we both ordered poached eggs on brioche. It was a gorgeous afternoon, so warm that we even sat outside!

I flew home on the day of the New York Marathon and watched the entirety of ESPN’s marathon broadcast on the plane. I really enjoyed the coverage, especially the exciting chase in the women’s race!

I ran 20 miles that week, 17 of which were on the treadmill. I upped my frequency of runs, even running three days in a row with no pain.

10/29 – 4.5 miles (treadmill)
10/30 – 4.5 miles (treadmill)
10/31 – 4.0 miles (treadmill)
11/2 – 4.5 miles (treadmill)
11/3 – 3.75 miles (outside, back in San Diego)

Next week was 15 miles with two runs outside. Outdoor runs are much harder on my ankle than the treadmill. So I was really pleased to get in two outside without any damage.

11/5 – 4.5 miles (treadmill)
11/6 – 5.0 miles (outside)
11/9 – 5.5miles (outside)

Last week, I spent a good chunk of time in Omaha where it was seriously cold! 9 degrees people! I managed to get 17 miles total, with two medium-long runs. INCLUDING ONE 8 MILE RUN! I am almost a runner again!

11/12 – 3.0 miles (treadmill)
11/14 – 8.0 miles (treadmill)
11/16 – 6.3 miles (outside)

So I've managed to continue steady progress in building back my running. I've had nearly two solid months of 12-20 mile weeks, and I'm ready to train for something! I'm thinking of putting the San Diego Half Marathon on my 2014 agenda. It's March 9 - almost 16 weeks away - and very conveniently located in downtown San Diego. 

One thing I've learned from previous training cycles is that it's best to allow for a long training period. This, I think, is especially applicable now as I will be simultaneously building back my strength and training for the race.

two little runners


  1. You're doing so wonderfully well! Great to note the progress - especially those longer runs and back-to-backs with no pain.
    Are the runs outdoors harder because the surface is uncertain? So your ankle can roll more? Is it an instability thing?

    1. Thanks Gracie!! Outdoor runs are harder mostly because of the surface. Concrete is just so hard. The treadmill I use has a lot of bounce to it. So it doesn't pound my joints as hard. I've done a ton of stability work, so I am okay in that department (although I have not hit the grass or trails yet).

  2. Do you have to run 8 miles before you consider yourself a runner?

    1. Haha, NO! But it reminds me of the runner I used to be! ;)