Friday, April 3, 2015

Running (and eating) in Paris

We recently went on a 10-day trip to Paris. Because why the hell not.

It was late February (it wouldnt be me if I wasnt exceedingly late in posting about my holidays), so running was rather chilly; but it was fun to finally pull out my cold weather gear from NYC!

We were staying in the Theatre District, which meant I could run south, past Palais Garnier, through the Louvre and along La Seine every day. 

There is a great path along the south-side of the river that runs almost entirely unbroken, up to (and beyond) the Eiffel Tower.

Needless to say Paris was amazing to run around. But there were so many other amazing things to do and see... and most of all EAT.

Eating in Paris is kind of a runners dream.

"I'll have the entree bread with a side of bread, and bread topping, s'il vous plait."

I also ate laduree macaroons 
Because Im 32 and I make great life choices.

We had some amazing seafood:

Though believe I ate steak at least 5 nights. I couldn't understand what they did to it to make it taste so good.

Then I remembered all the butter. Yes.

Also all the cheese and wine too please.

A croissant a day keeps the doctor away.


And while eating all the desserts was incredible, even better was learning to make them (then eat them) myself!

Beyond food and running it would be impossible to share all the amazing things I did and saw. But below are a few highlights:

The mini markets

Notre Dame

Sacre Coeur 

Curling up with a book at Shakespear & Co.

Going to the ballet at Palais Garnier:

(And finally being in the presence of the real-life "Masquerade" staircase from Phantom!) 

Seeing my favourite Van Gogh in person:

And of course my lady, La tour Eiffel, at night. 


  1. Ah, all the things I loved about Paris! The food is seriously amazing. All of it. I didn't have a bite that wasn't delicious. And the wine! The fresh young wines at any meal! So incredible! I think my favorite meal was just from browsing the shops, buying cheese, wine, bread, and fruits back to our hotel for a late dinner. I miss that cheese.

    1. Yes! The food from the supermarkets was all amazing. I bought some ordinary strawberry yogurt one day to eat for breakfast and Im like OMG! This shit is amazing! How is it that they are making something as simple as yogurt soooooo much better than what we get in Australia or the US??

      I dont get it. But the short answer to all this is: go to Paris more. :)

      ~ Penny

  2. I soooo wish I had been a runner when I visited Paris (three times! so many missed opportunities!). I feel like I would have appreciated the city even more if I had. Looks like a wonderful trip :)

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