Monday, July 27, 2015

So I'm off to climb a really steep mountain. In Italy.

There's things that you do that are ill-advised.

That vodkatequilarum concoction that could have served as a starter for either the bonfire or the punch-bowl at your first uni/college party.

Text-msging while driving. Always a no-no.

Using the sun as a compass in the absence of a preliminary examination as to your knowledge of whether the sun rises in the east and sets in the west... or vice versa.

Going to Karaoke with your boss.

Going to Karaoke.

Googling your medical symptoms. You'd be amazed at how many career-ending running injuries I have suffered, that have cleared up within 48 hours. 

Calling your ex, ever. Ever ever ever.

Buying the family-sized package of peanut M&Ms. You know you will consume the entire thing, and you know you will regret it.

Doing a long-run hungover. Or worse, still eeeever so slightly intoxicated. 

Lending money to a relative (just give it over and be ok with never seeing that cash again).

Quoting Ayn Rand.

As a general proposition, eating a fish eyeball. Just trust me on that one. 

Admitting to ownership of an Ace of Base CD.

I could go on, but you get the gist. 

Then there are things that are simply bat-shit crazy. And I am about to do one from this category.

About 150 of my closest colleagues and I are making our way from all corners of the globe to the Dolomites, Italy where we are taking on a one-day firm hike. 

Sounds pleasant enough, right?

Except for the fact of the actual course and elevation:

At present, the four lawyers from our Sydney office attending, have done anywhere from zero to nil training.  It should be great. 

I mean, we're not entirely unprepared. I did a big ole shop for energy bars and trail mix and pretzels for the four of us. Divied up into cute little bags with our names on them - care of our receptionist. 

have some new (but worn in) trail runners rearing to go: 

And I leave behind this photo from the Gold Coast - my most recent, to be used for my memorial:

Nahhhhh, we'll be fine, right? 

We're all smiles leaving from the airport (after a cheeky pre-boarding whiskey):

The "way back" picture will be telling. I'll update you all in a few days time!

~ Penny


  1. Brave. Try to keep everyone alive.

  2. Love this post... I can 100% relate to many items on that list.

    But the Dolomites!!! Not crazy at all... I'm dreaming of getting over there. Have fun and take lots of pictures!!

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