Monday, October 29, 2012

Peak Week!

45 miles this week = my highest mileage week EVER! I didn't plan my peak week in advance. I usually don't plan much in advance because my work load is variable and can ramp up for several weeks at a time without much advance warning. But events kind of aligned this week, and I squeezed in peak week just before a new court order in one of my cases spun a lot of work my way. So I am now forced into a 2 week taper for the Silver Strand half marathon on November 11.

But for once, the timing is okay. I've noticed in my Thursday plyo workouts that my legs have been DEAD when I've had to jump around. I think it is best to give my legs a long recovery period so they are fully rested and ready to run the Silver Strand. I might try to sneak in another speed session or some mile repeats in the next few days, and then really go into full taper mode.

Do you plan your peak weeks in advance? How have you managed to stay on track with training when work/life wreaks havoc on your schedule?

In honor of peak week, and to be dramatic, a picture of the highest peak in the world:  Mount Everest at roughly 5.5 miles tall.

Mount Everest
by Kerem Barut via Wikimedia Commons

Week 8 (10/20-10/26):  45.25 miles

Saturday (10/20):  Tempo run in Del Mar-Solana Beach-Cardiff. 5 miles at 7:00, total 13 miles.

Sunday (10/21):  Long run in Carlsbad-Oceanside. 15 miles at 9:00 average pace.

Monday (10/22):  Yoga.

Tuesday (10/23):  Speed! 13 x 0.5 @ 9.3 (6:27) on the treadmill. 10.25 miles / 100 minutes!

Wednesday (10/24):  Recovery run in Del Mar-Solana Beach. 7 miles at 9:00 average pace.

Thursday (10/25):  Strength, legs-plyo-core.

Friday (10/26):  I desperately wanted to do mile repeats, but I couldn't get away from the office. So it was a rest day.


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