Thursday, July 4, 2013

Excuses, Excuses

So I'm back from the month of work that will forever be known as the-month-that-was-inexplicably-more-painful-than-being-at-trial. I have a couple of weeks before I resume marathon training for my chosen Fall marathon. More on that later.

In the meantime, I had hoped to spend a bit of time this summer, racing some shorter distances. I'd like to get a 10K time that more accurately reflects my fitness, and a 5K time, period. 

So this fine 4th of July, (Happy Independence Day all you Americans! Thanks for letting me live here!), I decided to run a 5K on Roosevelt Island.

Last night, however, I had second thoughts. I've run very little since the marathon (at most 15-20 miles per week), and had to skip a ton of workouts because of work. I wasn't eating particularly well either, so I gained a few pounds and am probably chronically dehydrated from drinking waaaay too much coffee. So, you know, not really feeling like I'm gunna be running a lightning fast race. But I figured that it would still be a good fitness test. And besides, its either feel like this, or dead tired from marathon training... this is probably a better time to be running a 5k. 

But then I realized on a 3 mile shakeout last night, that my posterior shin splints were still bugging me because I have been lazy about doing calf dips and stretching/rolling. So before bed, I donned my compression socks, hoping their magic would work overnight on my calves. They did... kind of. 

But then I woke up this morning with a stomach that felt like a cement mixer. I can't remember what I ate last night, so obviously nutritional planning was my number 1 priority for this race. I decided to drink a ton of water, and hopefully feel fine before the race. And if not I could always pull off the side for an "intermission". I mean, who hasn't wanted to blow chunks in the middle of a 5k, right?

But then I looked at the weather when I woke up this morning.  78 degrees and 95% humidity. Aaaaarrgghh, who needs to drink water to hydrate when you can breathe it in?? "Suck it up, princess", I told myself, figuring that there is always some bad weather condition, and everyone has to deal with it. So I got dressed, and headed down to the train. 

But then my train was delayed, leaving me very little time to get to the race, warmup, use the loo etc. I could've caught a different train but I reaaaaaally didnt want to run down to that station....

I realized I was on my 38th "but" and had by now generated at least 5 excuses to not do something that was supposed to be fun and an enjoyable way to kick off a holiday. I realized that if I'd actually wanted to run the damn thing, I would've paid more attention to my calves, eaten right, drank enough water, not cared about the humidity, and run to get the other train. But I didn't... so I didn't.

So I went home, all in my race getup. Which is no tutu and colored paint, at least.

All dressed up, too lazy to go

Now I guess I'll just go to the gym then chilax the rest of the day. There is another race in a couple of weeks. I'm sure my body will feel PERFECT, and the weather will be PERFECT, and I'll run a lightening fast race, and be on top of the world. I'll let you know how that pans out.

Do you ever find yourself making excuses not to go to a race? At what point do you give in, knowing that its just for fun (for most of us)?

Do you feel the need to fill out your racing "resume" by having a PR for every distance, or is that just us type-A OCD runners?

Will I ever run a 5K?  That's mostly a rhetorical question. But if there was an answer, it would be that its looking highly unlikely. 



  1. Don't bother with a 5k, they're dumb.

    1. HAHAHA, Gracie this is my favorite comment. Ever.

  2. I usually end up grumbling my way to the start line, starting the night before (too much to pack, too early to get up, too, too, too) - and once the gun goes off, it's all forgotten.

    But if you can't keep the 'love' in perspective with the 'grumble', then it's probably smart to skip the race. After all, running is supposed to be fun. Why make it one more obligation, on top of a crazy work schedule???

    Besides, there's always a 10K. Since you won't be getting hired for your running (I'm guessing), no need to have a perfect resume. :)