Saturday, September 14, 2013

Look Who I Found!

My other little runner is still alive! And lookin quite perty might I add.

When we're not working our lawyerly tails off, and not running, we will almost definitely be eating. 

Last night we tried out the Oyster Bar in Grand Central. 

We had three different types and I have no idea which ones were which, but they were all delicious. 

Next was a squid salad. High iron meals for the win! 

Finally we tried Sea Urchin ice cream. Because it was on the menu and, you know, it sounds amazing. 

It wasn't.

Initially its fine, right up until about 1.8 seconds after you swallow it, and you are left with an aftertaste roughly approximating that of an old wetsuit you left in the garage, in amongst mothballs and lost dreams of being a pro-surfer one day. 

And of course we found time to imbibe O' Ye Elixir of Life. At a new favorite spot, Macchiato on 43rd st and Lexington. 

To possibly be continued with a different type of imbibing on Sunday night! 

~ Penny


  1. All of that sounds amazing except for the ice cream, the appearance of which alone is making me gag!

    1. It was super foul. Thought that little shell boat it came in was some kind of crunchy cookie and was quite delicious.

  2. I need high iron meals pretty badly right now and this looked great (minus the ice cream).

    1. Amy get ye to a seafood restaurant! I had no idea (until I was looking it up randomly a couple of weeks ago) that oysters, octopus (probably squid/calamari too) and shrimp are really high in iron. And they are great sources of protein too. A good alternative to a hunk of red meat if that ain't your thang (though I don't mind a juicy steak from time to time!). If you add some Vitamin C to the meal via juice or broccoli, the iron absorption shoots up even more.

  3. "Sea urchin" reminds me of Intro to Bio lab my freshman year in college... I love biology, but no thanks. I think I'd take a pass on the ice cream. That coffee, however...mmmm.....

    1. Yeah, Im not sure what we were thinking! Its just one of those things you have to try once, I guess.

      Coffee has my heart. Always and forever. :)