Saturday, September 21, 2013

Things I Have and Have Not Been Doing

(1) Not running. I am on day 6 of my hip flexor strain recovery. It is much better, but not 100% and I do not want to start running on it until I'm confident it won't make it worse. First cross-training day is today!

(2) Trying new stuff and taking pictures of it. Below is me trying a Twinkie for the first time.

 Not sure what I expected, but I wasn't super blown away by them.

(3) Not running. Giving me the sadz.

(4) Getting my citizenship on! I took my oath this week to become a brand spankin' new American!

Does this mean I have to like twinkies now?

(6) Traveling to fancy places for work, and enjoying the view of downtown Manhattan upon flying "home" to NYC

(6) Seriously if I don't get to run soon I might clobber someone.

(7) Having lovely citizenship-celebratory dinners with my hubbo.

(8) Realizing that I've almost been through all five stages of a runner's injury grief in the span of 1 week, and I probably just need to chill out. I'll be running soon, so I can stop being quite so dramatic. In the meantime, I might take up knitting. Or baking. Something better than a Twinkie.


  1. Congratulations on the citizenship, and welcome! No Twinkie love required. I tried one once, too. It was nauseating and not enjoyable at all.

    1. Thanks; its great to finally be able to call "you people", "my people"!

      As for the twinkie...I think my face says it all... yerk.

  2. could bake yourself a Twinkie:

    Congrats/welcome/etc. Good thing no one told the authorities about the bathroom situation last weekend. ;-)

    1. Hahaha - I tricked them - my application went through a month or so ago! As for the "incident".... lets never speak of it again. Im so embarrassed now! :)

      Funny about the twinkie... my sisters in law are coming here for Thanksgiving, and are going to bake me a twinkie cake!? They have "promised" me that its better than an actual twinkie.

    2. Nah, you did what you had to do. No shame there. However, henceforth, my lips are sealed.

      And don't tell the authorities, but I have never heard of this "twinkie cake" of which your SILs speak. I hope no one revokes my passport....

  3. I just injured myself .. hip flexor strain and it does indeed suck. I am hoping it is not too bad. No running .. and I couldn't walk for about 3 days at all. It is now .. about 2 weeks. I am trying foam rolling .. stretching. But going to seek medical advice tomorrow .. as I have not even had a dr look at the issue. I think that is a good idea at this point cause I am not healing that well.