Thursday, April 3, 2014

All work, no play . . . 1Q2014

In the good old days, I posted on my training weekly – more or less. Recently, work has been positively insane (travel to Chicago, NY 2x, and DC already this year), impacting not only the frequency of my blogging but also my training. I haven’t posted on my training all year, and my training has been widely inconsistent.

So here it is my 1Q 2014 training report.

January – weekly total mileage 49 (15K PR), 34, 18, 23 (Half Marathon PR), 9.
     Year started off right with two weeks of consistent training and a 15K PR! Then my hip started acting up, but I ran a Half Marathon PR notwithstanding. Finally got into the doctor in late January, and hip issue (bursitis) no big deal. Immediately and completely resolved by an $80 insole.
    Traveled for work to Chicago A/K/A Chi-beria. BRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!  Stayed at the Langham downtown - one of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed at. Awesome rooms, great restaurant, embarrassingly good service. 

Swanky room at the Langham in Chicago. The window
between the tub and bedroom frosted with the flip of a switch!
February – weekly total mileage 27, 14, 32 (10 mile PR), 27
     Strong first week. Then a trip to Las Vegas took a bite out of my mileage during the second week of the month. I stayed at the Cosmopolitan – which I really enjoyed. Loved the Chandelier Bar. Maybe loved it too much – stayed out until 5 a.m. Who am I? 
Huge chandelier drapes around the 3 story bar.

Cosmo rooms pretty nice for Vegas. Great view. 
     Next week was good solid training week - with a 10 mile race PR!  Last week of February, I had a scare with my joints. I ran a 13 mile long run to Cabrillo National Monument and Rosecrans National Cemetery, and the route has a lot of rolling hills, many of them steep. My joints felt achy for almost a week. Looked back at my training logs, and I ran this route just days before I sprained my ankle last year!
     Meanwhile, I traveled to New York for work for a week. I took zero pictures, which I take to mean that after 7 years of traveling to New York regularly, I’m no longer a tourist there. I’m just an angry, pissed off (temporary) New Yorker.

March – weekly total mileage 14, 34 (5K PR), 13, 15
     Two more work trips this month, to New York and DC, taking a toll on my mileage. Plus just insane hours ruined me – busy, busy, busy! 

I happened to be in DC during the few days that it was in the 60s/70s.
Ran on the Capital Crest Trail at sunset. 
      Ran a relatively high mileage week the week of the San Diego 5K, where I smashed my PR on a downhill course. 

My first trophy!
     Last two weeks this month, between being buried at work and having the flu, I could only squeeze in a few runs. Missed the San Diego Hot Chocolate 15K due to the flu. 


So training has been inconsistent – swinging between 30 mile weeks and 15 mile weeks. But I’ve still managed to PR every single race I’ve run so far this year. I am beginning to think I am a low mileage runner. 

Two Little Runners ~ Kristen 

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  1. Way to PR and place 2nd in your AG! Woot! As my marathon gets close, I long to see weeks like yours. I am tired and burnt out, but hopefully my half this weekend will rejuvenate me? I doubt I will see a PR...Way to kick some race butt!