Friday, April 4, 2014

The Pull-Up Experiment – Results

The challenge: to do 3 pull-ups.
The U.S. Marine Corps published a pull-up training plan to help female recruits to meet the new requirements for the physical fitness test, which requires females to do 3 pull-ups for a passing score on that component (prior – it was a bent arm hang). I saw the workout in the paper, and decided to try it out. 

I started training in January.  The “Initial Program” is 6 weeks, with 3 workouts a week. The workouts are basically a mixture of shoulders, back, chest, and a little core. The workouts take about 20-25 minutes each. After a few weeks of 3 workouts per week, I decided to cut back it back to 2 (or 1 when I was busy). I did the workouts on running rest days or easy days. It took me about 9 weeks to complete. I enjoyed the workouts. The training plan is structured so that you can see your progress. It sort of builds on prior weeks – very much like a running training plan!

Before: I could do 1 pull-up once.
I haven’t focused on upper body weights for 3 or 4 years. I was doing sort of random upper body workouts 3-4 times a month for the last few years. Nothing intense, just keeping things toned.

After: I did 3 sets of pull-ups. 4, then 4, then 3.
I was amazed at how strong I got in 2 months! 

Now what? Keep it going?

I don’t know…obstacle course race while I have all this strength?

Two Little Runners ~ Kristen

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