Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another injury setback; another opportunity to explore a new, new home

So you think you've done your penance for running in 500-mile shoes and being too lazy to stretch and foam-roll. You fervently believe you've paid your debt to society for going too fast, too soon, and not eating/sleeping/hydrating optimally. You endured the pain of the injury, you've sweated buckets on every available cross-training machine, foam-rolled the crap outta everything, patiently sat on the side-lines for a recovery period that you thought would never end... and now, NOW, its your time to get back out there and run!

And then you get injured again. And you wonder precisely what horrific crime you committed in your former life, or what grave, unknowing offense you slighted against the running gods that would legitimate yet another rest and recovery period... And the excruciatingly slow return to running that will follow even when you are better again.

Yeah, so can you tell what happened to me yet? I did a little bit too much coming back, and now I have a pain in the top of my foot. It doesnt feel serious (kind of like tendonitis or something)... But then neither did my stress fracture. So I'm back lifting weights and on the bike and will see the doctor on Wednesday to figure it out. In the meantime, I'm going to delight you all and anyone who'll listen with rants about the relative moral injustice of this saga, as per the above.... 

The other thing I am trying to do is distract myself with fun, nice things to do that I would not otherwise be doing, if I were running 60 mile weeks; including exploring this beautiful new city that I'm calling home at the moment (my "home" city changes quite frequently, in case you havent noticed).

To wit, a few weeks ago, we did the "Bondi to Coogee walk", which is a walk between two beach towns just south of the city. It was really stunning. Indeed, everything they say about Sydney's beauty is true (I reluctantly admit, as a born and bred Melbourne girl).

The walk starts at the beach.

And you just follow the coast around the beautiful clear waters...

There are little inlets with built-in beaches...

Gorgeous ocean views...

Windy selfies...of course.

And beaches at the other end, complete with outdoor swimming pools!

There you have it; I hope the pretty pictures distracted you from my depressing injury woes as much as they did me :)

~ Penny

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