Saturday, July 5, 2014

Im back (again) from injury (again)!

Hey y'all! Long time no blogging. I guess its a bit of a pattern for us these days. Run well, blog blog blog. Get injured, and we decend into avoiding blogging, ceasing reading blogs, pretending running blogs never existed, putting our hands over our cyber-ears, and metaphorically yelling lalalaifimnotrunningnooneis....

Denial and repression is an extremely healthy and balanced human response, I've heard. 

So as is my custom, now Im back from injury, Im finally back here too, much to the excitement of our 2-4 regular readers  Im sure. 

As Im sure you've realized from the amount of time I had off, I did actually end up having a more serious injury - yep, a stress fracture. This time it was in the cuboid bone; a very rare place to get a stress fracture. My sports doctor was a bit morbidly excited by it all, having never seen one of these before, after 15 years of practice and tons of pedal sfxs! 

Unfortunately I only recieved a diagnosis with an MRI (x-ray obviously didnt show it up) three months after the injury happened (March 10). It would have taken about that long to heal anyway, but I could have avoided a lot more angst if I had known what it was. The lesson here for me, is just to go straight to the doctor and get the right tests. As soon as I saw my current guy, and he learned my injury history, he ordered an MRI immediately, suspecting a SFx. Next time Im marching straight through his door when something hurts enough to stop running for weeks! 

So while I was injured, I had a fair bit more time to spare. Of course I was pool running (akin to shoving needles in my eye at this point), biking and weightlifting. But i also had plenty of time to message Kristen and complain about my injury constantly and how long it was taking to get a diagnosis:

Also to suggest that I move back to California, (with the idea that my injury would stay and set up shop in Sydney):

I did actually get to spend a lot of time with my nieces and nephews who are the cutest ever. Check out this face:

You're going to be a runner like Aunty Pen, right little man? Right??

And fiiiinally I got to start going on little run-walks, following the traditional Pfitzinger plan for returning to running after a stress fracture. So exciting that I had to document with selfies, of course:

Total post-run endorphin high.

My first outdoor run was in Melbourne in a park near my sister's house on a grey and rainy day.

It was truly miserable weather, but I could not have been more stoked to be out in it!

Right now im up to running 25-30mins at a time, with a kick-ass mileage of roughly 10 mpw. Its pretty awesome.  Especially because I dont want to murder any and all runners, anymore. So really, its for the good of the world that Im back to it, right?