Thursday, December 18, 2014


A few months ago, we were having a boozey dinner with two great friends of ours, when they suggested we all go on holiday to a Pacific island for a few days. Of course the group agreed that this was a fabulous idea, but (at least me) kept in mind that it was one of those beer-fueled ideas that typically doesnt gain a lot of traction the following morning.

Well this one did. Long story short, we proceeded to book a four-day stint to Vanuatu. It was short notice, so none of us could take a ton of time off work, but the flights were only 3.5 hours, and we knew that if we didnt go soon, we just wouldnt end up doing it. 

Anyway, so back in October (Im behind in my blogging. WHAT.) I was starting the day with amazing tropical fruits and freshly shaved coconut (Im not that much of a coconut fan, but this stuff was heeeeaven);

Eaten with this view. We stayed at Breakas Beach Resort in Port Vila on the main island of Vanuatu.

We visited a place called the Blue Lagoon, with water the most distinctive and exquisite colour I have ever seen;

Even when it was overcast the water everywhere was stunning

You can.not. go on a tropical holiday and not drink out of a coconut. The hus in all his manly coconut-drinking glory:
Doin it right (but wishing I could slip some rum in there, just quietly)

Hot springs were sat in. Yes to that:

Husband and our other friend got mud baths, which was both hilarious and slightly disturbing to watch. I'll let you sit that one out. 

Many more beaches and water

Cocktails on the beach at dusk

Enormous seafood platters that never ended

Our little jungle hut


We took a boat around the island, and I wore a Castro hat

A coconut crab. I didnt eat this guy in particular, but his mates were delicious.

A sort of coconut-lime ceviche fish salad with rice, served in a delicious fresh coconut bowl. Yes please.

It should be noted that there was no running - and indeed absolutely no exercise performed - on this holiday. Plenty of smiles though.

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  1. Wow! So lovely! The food looks fresh and delicious.