Saturday, December 27, 2014

Two Lil Runners Together Again and... Cabo

So you may be aware that we recently went to Vanuatu; partly because i wrote another whole non-running blogpost on it... but also because I accidentally published a draft of this post the other night on my new tablet. I then proceeded to blame it on Kristen's tablet before realizing that it was totes my own user-error. Yaaaay Christmas spirit.

Anyway upon returning home from Vanuatu we realised we inmediately needed to book our next holiday. I wont explain the confluence of events that led to us having a few days in San Diego, then five days with which to vacation somewhere cool.... but needless to say it was very lucky. 

Of course the best bit was having the two lil runners together again for a few days...

Which if course meant coffees and pedicures...

And (unpictured) loads of vino....

 I'll spare you the gorgeous portrait of the Two Little Hangovers from the following morn...

Then husband and I took the 1.5 hour flight down to Cabo, where we stayed at the gorgeous and serene Cabo Surf Hotel, in between the two towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose.

We immediately went to the pool. 

And apart from some perfunctory trips to the two towns just to say we did, we pretty much stayed there for five days.

Can you blame us?

The rooms were all beautiful; spanish style with marble floors and beautiful big stone showers.

One of said token trips to town was to Cabo San Lucas, where we walked around town a bit...

Ate our 358th ceviche with tortilla chips...

And took a boat out to see the famous golden archway  (El Arco)

Topped off with beef and shrimp fajitas on the piers and the best home made stone ground corn tortillas of my life.

Second trip was to San Jose and shopping for Day of the Dead paraphanalia, which im slightly in love with.

The rest of the days were spent in the pool, by the pool, in the ocean, by the ocean...

You get the idea...

We occasionally got dressed in order to eat delicious tacos and drink all the margeritas of the world for dinner. 

Twas a gorgeous trip, and I would recommend our hotel to anyone travelling to Cabo.

I should mention that I did absolutely no running or exercise on this holiday - for seven days. Best.decision.ever. 

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