Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Change of Plans

two little runners ~Kristen

Before I began training for the Ojai marathon, I read the marathon classics – Advanced Marathoning and Daniel’s Running Formula – plus a few others in my collection. Initially, I was following a hybrid of plans from Hanson’s Marathon Method (speed), Daniel’s Running Formula (long runs), and Run Faster (tempos).

Recently, I found out that from mid-April to mid-May – the very heart of my marathon training (May 26 race date!) – work was going to consume nearly all my time and more energy than I have. It is a high-responsibly project, so I had to bail on my Ragnar team. And I changed my marathon training plan to the beginner program in Hanson’s Marathon Method because the longest run is 16 miles. These were my first two weeks of the Hanson’s training plan.

9 weeks out (45 miles)
3/23 (Sa) – Mission Trails 10K.
3/24 (Su) – Long run with Penny in Mission Bay. 15 miles @ 8:30.
            8:30 was a very easy aerobic pace for us. We talked the entire run. We’ve really come a long way in our aerobic fitness!
3/25 (M) – Rest.
3/26 (Tu) – Marathon pace tempo on Embarcadero. 10.5 miles with 8 at 7:15.
3/27 (W) – Easy in Balboa. 5 miles @ 9:00.
            I’ve been running my easy miles in the grass and trails of the park. I’m trying to stay off pavement because with my increase in mileage, my joints are feeling pounded nearly every day.
3/28 (Th) – Speed on treadmill. 8.5 miles with 7 x 0.5 @ 9.4 (6:22), 0.25 recoveries @ 6.5 (9:15).
3/29 (F) – Legs.

8 weeks out (53.5)
3/30 (Sa) – Easy run in Solana Beach and Cardiff.  8.5 miles @ 8:00.
3/31 (Su) – Long run in Del Mar with Penny. 16.5 miles @ 9:00.
4/1 (M) – Legs.
4/2 (Tu) – Marathon pace tempo on Embarcadero. 11.5 miles with 9 @ 7:20.
4/3 (W) – Easy in Balboa park. 5 miles @ 9:00.
4/4 (Th) – Progression run on Embarcadero. 12 miles, first 9 @ 8 / last 3 @ 6:50.
            This was supposed to be a speed workout, but Penny talked me into subbing a medium-long run because I was running a 5K over the weekend. Thanks Coach P!
4/5 (Fri) – Rest.

The next four weeks are going to be a period of very high stress, so I am not sure how much the training will sink into my body, for lack of a better phrase. I learned from my experience at trial earlier this year that in a period of high stress and long hours, I couldn’t maintain my level fitness, even though I was continuing to run and exercise. I came back from trial having lost almost 10 pounds and was unable to do even 10% of my pre-trial leg strength routine. It took me weeks to build back my weight, strength, and power.

There is no perfect training cycle, so as always, I’ll do the best I can with the time I have! Any ideas on how to make the best of the situation?  

two little runners ~Kristen 

P.S. A few spring flower pictures captured on recent runs. 

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