Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mission Trails 10K Recap

two little runners ~Kristen

The statute of limitations on this race recap is about to run. Race recaps must be posted (1) within 14 days of completing a race or (2) before the runner competes in another race, whichever is earlier. [Citation?] So I’m coming in with this race recap just under the limitations period because the Mission Trails 10K was 13 days ago, and I’m running the Carlsbad 5000 tomorrow!

This is my second year running this race. Both years I finished first female, but got second…due to race and bib switching. Last year, a registered 10K female switched to the 5K and therefore stole my number 1 spot on paper. This year, a male ran with a female 10K bib, giving shim the win on paper. But no problem. Using my powers of persuasion, I brought home the gold.

Alas, that is my only complaint. This is a great trail race. I love the course, and it starts at the civilized hour of 9 a.m.

Familiar with the course, I knew I had to go out fast. There is a huge rock pit/puddle within the first quarter mile. But there is a very skinny dirt path around it. So I went out with the lead pack at a brisk 5:30 pace, sneaked around the rock pit, and then slowed it down, finishing the first mile in 6:45.

The second mile is also tricky. There is a dry creek bed crossing that is entirely full of boulders. There is no path around them. It would be very easy to fall here. I used my hands to jump around them, and I concentrated on agility, good footwork, and fast feet.  I finished this mile in 7:33.  

The third mile has a smooth trail, but it is a steady incline. And I knew the big climbs laid ahead. I used this mile to gather my strength and put some energy in the bank. The tail end of this mile is the beginning of the hills. Finished it in 6:52.

The fourth and fifth miles of this course are brutal. There are 5 hills that are so steep that most runners are probably better off hiking them than running them. I tend to scamper up the hills pretty fast, but I always get passed on the down hills, which are as steep as the up hills on this course. If I went any faster, I would be in imminent danger of face plant. So I go slow, get passed. I finished the fourth mile in 9:07 and the fifth in 7:35. The total elevation gain is 495 feet, and the total loss is 477.

The sixth mile of the course is fast and flat. I passed a lot of runners during this mile, clocking in at 6:24.

I finished in 45:19 (7:18 average pace). Last year I finished in 46:10, so I am happy with almost a minute improvement, which is about 10 seconds per mile!  

I managed to entirely escape the race photographer this year,
so here's last year.
two little runners ~Kristen


  1. Hi! New reader here and I love the idea of your blog :) Way to go on the race (2 weeks ago). So funny they have issues with registered racers placing first. I am itching for a 10K soon to blow my PR away, but they seem to be hard to find. Good luck in the 5000 tomorrow.

    1. Nice, hope you get that PR Amy! I really love the 10K distance. It's my favorite! Now 5Ks...phew...bring on the pain!

  2. Well done on those hills and congratulations on first female! That race sounds tough to run - I wouldn't even begin to know how to pace it.