Friday, April 12, 2013

Last Week In San Diego and The Most Magnificent Moustache

~ Penny
A couple of weeks behind on posting here, but my blog-hog bestie Kristen has had tons to write about!

So I spent my last week in San Diego running up a storm, and hit my first ever 6-day run week!

March 24th-March 30th, 2013
Sunday: 15 miles easy with Kristen at Mission bay
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 8 miles easy
Wednesday: 4x1.5 miles with 800 jog recoveries. Avg pace of each 1.5 was: 6:53, 6:54, 6:55, 6:55.
Thursday: easy 3 miles and strength workout in hotel gym, trying to avoid perve-y dude in camouflage pants supposedly lifting weights next to me. He was doing that huffing and puffing, Im-so-harcore routine that guys often do. Gross.
Friday: 10 miles, with 8-mile MP tempo at 7:18 avg pace.
Saturday: easy 7 miles

Total: 53 miles

On my last Sunday in San Diego, Kristen took me on one of her favorite trail routes through Del Mar, including the infamous Torrey Pines hill. It kicked my ass, but I came out alive.

We got to run on some lovely trails with spring flowers blooming everywhere:

 And Kristen showed me the bit of boardwalk in Del Mar she dedicated to us!

TLR forever memorialized!

I finished off my time in San Diego appropriately with tacos, some shit-hot tequila, and a delicious tomato-juice chaser:

And brought some tequila home for the hubs, in my favorite bottle EVER:

Isnt he the best???

I seriously love him. In fact, he deserves the X-large photo setting.

 Your mustache is as magnificent as your contents, sir.


  1. omg, where did you get that tequila dude??? sooo adorable!

  2. Haha, I got him at this bottle-o (I dont know what Americans call stores where you buy alcohol?) underneath this Mexican restaurant near old town. Went there with WN - you should ask him which one it is. They also had other funny bottles, including a cactus one!