Thursday, July 3, 2014


Suffering from a little from shin splints this week. I busted out the compression socks for the first time since last year's marathon training. Hope it's not a bad omen...

Haven't pinned down the cause. In June I ran 30, 30, 40, 40 mile weeks. Most of that was easy paced. But that's exactly the number of miles I ran in May... Could be old shoes, which I have now retired. Could be new speed workouts with track club. Probably all of the above.

Nothing serious though. I'm running a 15K tomorrow (with Tylenol)!

Two little runners


  1. Get well soon! Sometimes rolling foot arches over a golf ball helps loosen at the distal insertion points.

  2. I always run with calf sleeves on to prevent shin splints. I had a bad bout of them two summers ago, and that was enuf to convince me never to run without them. The few times I do leave them at home, I can tell the difference for days after. Hope you heal up soon.

    1. Compression socks feel good. Not convinced it's not pure placebo effect though. :) but hey, if it works....K