Thursday, June 11, 2015

GC Training and Running Alice

Training for the HM in the last few weeks has been up and down, partly because of niggles and partly because we're out and away a lot. Its sort of easy when nothing is happening to get into a sort of running/work/sleep monk-esque routine, but then... If you're not actually an elite, you're likely going to want to have time for, you know, people and fun things. Oh and less time to do those pesky recovery things like stretch, roll and sleep. 

Anyway one of the fun things we did recently was trapse our way to the Red Centre. I'll do a separate post on the trip, but below are some pics of my runs there. 

The path I took both times was a part-paved part-trail path through "town". I present to you, town:


Watch out for the civilisation. Its everywhere.

The majority of the trail ran alongside the Todd River. And when I say "river" I mean:

It floods like once a year I think? The rest of the year "river" is more of an aspirational concept.

Anyways, lets talk training for Gold Coast, which is rapidly and scarily approaching. With any luck, a month after the race I should have finished my training posts. Look forward to the race recap in approximately October 2018. 

Week 5
Sunday: 16 miles easy
Monday: off
Tuesday: 8 miles easy
Wednesday: 6 miles easy
Thursday: 10.5 miles with 3 x 2 miles at HM pace. Paces were 7:00, 6:50, 6:51 with an avg of 6:53. Reasonable on target though a little slower than Id like.
Friday: 3 miles easy
Saturday: 7.5 miles easy
Total: 51 miles.

Week 6
Sunday: 16 miles
Monday: off
Tuesday: 7 miles easy
Wednesday: 9 miles easy
Thursday: off
Friday: 30 mins elliptical with 20 mins of 1 min hard/1 min easy.
Saturday: 3 miles easy
Total: 35 miles 

Obviously the second week was a bit down. I discovered a pain in my right quad in the first half of the week. It didnt feel serious but with my injury history, you definitely rest that crap out rather than trying to push through!

Mileage and workout wise, im right where I wanted to be, and reasonably on target with what Kristen and Jake (wasatchandbeyond) had advised. The tempo was a bit slower than Id hoped to be running at this point so sub130 might not be on the cards this time round. Nevertheless if I can toe the line at GC uninjured i'll consider this shebang a success! 


  1. River as "aspirational title" is basically all the "rivers" in Orange County. And "creek" generally means drainage run-off. Any time I feel something in my right hamstring I get nervous and back off, just because of the history. I always think rest/recovery is the right call, especially when twinges are in historically easily injured spots!

  2. I understand - if I even sneeze wrong I take a day off now. Tonight I was cleaning my fridge drain while crouched in a risky stance; when I stood up my quad pinched painfully. I slapped ice on that so fast...but I'll probably still take a day or week off! I'm a huge wimp now! Your tempo may not be as fast as you'd like, but it's speedy and strong. And I'd discount the first mile. That was probably just some residual warm-up mode, and you won't have that on race day - you'll be raring to go!

  3. So you've 3 years to prepare for the race, right? With your striving and hard work, I can assure you that you'll be the best there. You've done an amazing job!