Monday, June 22, 2015

Sleep Running

So apparently I do this really weird thing as I fall asleep at night.

Its not that. But I do that too. And, lol.

Anyways, for several minutes (or maybe longer, I have no idea) I legit start to RUN in my sleep. Like, move my legs back and forward rhythmically. Hopefully with a proper cadence of 180 spm... 

I find this exceptionally strange and didnt actually believe it for a long time. I have no memory of it at all. And unfortunately getting video evidence would be even weirder. And possibly break some privacy laws or some such.

Anyway, anyone else have significant others reporting on their sleep-exercise? Anyone trying to do plyo or drills while catching some zzzs? Some tabata burpees in time with your snoring? 


  1. My husband says that I ALWAYS "run in my sleep" for a few minutes when I am falling asleep. Every single night!!!

    1. Ha Erin, it's so good to know Im not alone (althought it may mean we both have a bit of a problem :)


  2. I jerk my legs as I fall asleep, too, but sometimes it wakes me up!

  3. Me too but it always wakes me's a falling down the stairs sensation. K