Monday, August 20, 2012

Tree-Lined Paths and My Groin Says Hi

So the week before last, I had a great week running. I pushed it up to 34 miles and had my first really good 14 miler.

August 5-11
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 6 miles easy + 4 x 8 second hill sprints
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 6 miles progression (last mile around 7:30)
Friday: 8 miles: 2 easy, 2x2miles at 7min/mile, 2 easy (this was a tough run and I barely made it through the 2 mile intervals)
Saturday: 60mins elliptical intervals + core and upperbody strength
Sunday: Dundadaduuuuun: 14 miles at about 8:45, progressing to about 7:45 in the last couple of miles.

Total: 34 miles

I was a little disappointed to find that my favorite route in NY so far only goes for about 4.5 miles. My apartment is a block from the west side of Manhattan, and Riverside Park runs north to south on the banks of the Hudson river. Bike and running trails run all the way up and down. Further south, the path along the Hudson goes for a long time, and Im pretty stoked to see whether it goes all the way around the bottom of the island. Both directions are great, but I just love the north route. Theres something so peaceful about it and it soothes my soul; but unfortunately thats the part that only goes 4.5 miles. Promised Kristen I'd take some photos - cant wait to run this with you KA!

The route begins here - this faces north

Tree-lined paths sooth my soul

And of course the Parthenon always adds a little culture to the area...

Wait what...??? Yes, this structure is randomly posited on the side of the highway, in between trees and the running path. I just dont even know what is going on here.

Lower Manhattan in the distance

Makes me happy that I didnt have to say goodbye to waterside running...

Unfortunately last week I went a bit too hard on a tempo run, and nixed my groin again. 

August 12-18
Monday: Elliptical 45 mins + light leg workout
 Tuesday: Tempo - 8 miles with 2 miles easy, 4 miles @ 6:58, 2 miles easy on the treadmill
Wednesday: Owwww, hello groin. Rest.
Thursday: 60 mins elliptical intervals + upper body and arms workout 
Friday: 60 mins elliptical intervals + light leg and plyo workout
Saturday: 8 miles easy
Sunday: 10 miles easy

Total: 26 miles

It was totally ok to ease up this week, as I was due for a recovery week. I think I finally have my groin/inner quad thing figured out, so I just need to keep on stretching and rolling and strengthening. It is about a 2 on the pain scale, so Im being cautious, but I know it will be fine.... I know I know, I will miss hearing the word GROIN all the time too. Its just one of those sacrifices we runners make.


  1. I used to run that path in college. I wasn't running serious mileage back then (meaning anything much longer than 4 or 5 miles) so I can't even remember how far it goes - I'm fairly certain it stops though. I mean, I think it has to, unless you can just run through Chelsea Piers.

    1. You know Chacha, Im pretty sure it keeps going. I did 14 miles (7 each way) down south and went through Chelsea Piers. Also I looked at google maps, and it looks like it goes all the way around and up the upper east side. It stops around the UN I think, and again up north (where my path ends) but you can reconnect via the streets.