Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yum . . . protein bars (!)

These two little runners have searched high and low for the "best" protein bar. 

And the winner is:  Picky Bars! 

Picky Bars actually taste pretty good. I mean, it is no red velvet cupcake - but you don't have to choke this one down. 

What is your favorite protein bar?



  1. I've never had one, except for a sample at the Eugene Marathon expo, and I am embarrassed to admit that I think Lauren Fleshman was the one handing them out....I didn't know who she was back in 2011. I never see these anywhere! And I'm guessing they aren't cheap.

    I really like this wafer protein bar that I find at Trader Joe's. Power Crunch or something...and Luna Bar's newer protein bars are pretty great! I keep stocking up on them at races where they hand them out for free!

    1. The Picky Bars are $37 for 15. And as far as I know, only available on the company's website. Free shipping though! I'll check out the Trader Joe's and Luna Bars! I just know I can never eat another Zone Bar after eating what seemed like 1 per hour for the 30-some hours it took us to finish Ragnar SoCal...stomach = protein bar brick. ;)


    2. The coconut chocolate Luna bars are awesome. Dont try the lemon zest one though, it tastes like lemon dishwashing liquid.