Thursday, August 2, 2012

Week 7 of 10 - LR#2's 5K Summer

I really slacked this week, both in terms of my training and in terms of recording my workouts. I took a few days off after the Bolt to the Q 5K and had an awesome plyo workout on Wednesday. Took an easy run in Balboa Park Thursday. Feeling cooped up and fueled by work stress, I ran 8 miles late Sunday afternoon at about a 7:00 pace. This felt awesome!!!

But I woke up the next day with strain in my hamstring . . . overdid it AGAIN! Nothing significant but I have confined myself to the elliptical for about 5 days--to both give my leg time to heal and to punish myself for bad behavior!

I am going to learn from my mistake this time. I can't go on 8 mile runs at that pace when I haven't run that far in over a month. Speed means nothing if I can't keep injury free throughout an entire training cycle!

It takes more discipline to go slow than to go fast. 


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