Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Moving house and moving my a$$

Last week was full of packing but I thankfully got a few miles in.

Last week was the first in a long time where my body felt "together". My groin strain has healed up, and the accompanying hip and quad pain (all on my left side) has almost completely gone away after some very painful sessions on the miraculous foam roller. I never really believed people when they talked about the difference the foam roller makes. Well, throw me a fish and call me Mandy, I'm a massive convert.

July 22-28, 2012

Monday: Core + Upper body strength, + 60 mins elliptical intervals

Tuesday: 8 miles @ 8:30 with 6 x 1 min fartleks at 6:30 pace

Wednesday: Upper body + Core strength + 45 mins elliptical intervals

Thursday: 6 easy miles

Friday: rest (last day in our San Diego office, working next door to LR#2!)

Saturday: 14 miles base pase (around 8:30-45 avg). This was my first 14 miler. Felt great starting off; but my preplanned water stops (at water fountains in caravan parks up and down the coastline) were foiled by there being no water in them. Massive fail. As a result, I got cramps, and found it really really hard to run the last 4-5 miles. I even stopped twice for about 10 seconds or so, and I never ever stop to walk. Ugh. Got it done though.

Total: 28 miles


  1. I wondered the same thing, July?

    However, what is this "throw me a fish" thing? Is this some weird Aussie phrase? ;)

    1. Penny is so busted. :)

      I have no idea about the fish thing either . . . Aussies.

    2. I was tagging a bunch of old posts and this post decided to repost itself. Weird.

      The fish thing was totally made up. I need to preserve the coolness of my national origins by keeping our slang new to you yanks.