Monday, November 12, 2012

9.3 to 0 MPH

My taper was less of a taper and more of a complete stop in the fast lane on the freeway. Following my epic speed session last week (15 x 0.5 miles @ 9.3 MPH (6:27 pace)), I started to feel a little scratch in my throat. I stopped running after that and even won a few early rounds in the title belt:  Me versus The Cold. But, ultimately, the cold proved victorious.

On Wednesday, one week after the epic speed session, in denial, I ran 3.5 extra sweaty treadmill miles, 2 of them at race pace. I knew it wasn't a good sign when I was drenched and dripping sweat after only 30 minutes – under normal conditions I would just be hitting my groove.

Thursday, the cold was full blown. I couldn't go to work and stayed completely horizontal all day, watching 8 hours of television, including two episodes of DVR'ed Modern Family and The Voice, and then the entire first season of Girls, the new generation’s Sex and the City on HBO.

Side bar: Modern Family, that is just a consistently good sitcom. The Voice, hello Adam Levine! And don’t you think Christina is much nicer this season, and way more articulate? Girls, I dig it. I would watch a season 2. It is a comedy/coming of age story of four 20-something New Yorkers. Lena Dunham, the starring actress, also writes and directs the show. Allison Williams, who plays BFF Marnie, is great and absolutely steals the show.

source: IMDB
Friday I went to the doctor who confirmed that I had a cold, not strep throat. Regarding the race, the doc cleared me to run it, so long as I didn't have a fever, body aches, or chest congestion, but he didn't think I would feel up to it. And he told me "not to expect a PR, unless you are Wonder Woman." Interpretation: you’ll still be able to run and PR this race because you are Wonder Woman!

So while I was getting my cough medicine prescription at the grocery store, I filled up my cart with the world’s healthiest foods and, in a futile attempt to eradicate the cold, set about eating as much of them as I possibly could while watching season 2 of Twin Peaks.

Side bar: Twin Peaks is so creepy! I can't believe who the killer was! There were so many clues, but I still didn't figure it out. The show is visually stunning, and it has the best soundtrack. Other than the clothes, I think the show is very modern. J.J. Abrams (Alias, Lost, Fringe) should bring it back as a new series.

source: IMDB
But the food didn't help. By Saturday, every time I swallowed, my throat emitted lightning bolts of pain. I knew that I couldn't race on Sunday. There was no way I could drink enough water and eat enough food to properly prepare. I didn't even bother to pick up my race packet. So I watched movies all day.

Side bar: The Graduate, The HelpCheaper by the Dozen, Mr. Wrong, The Sitter, and We Bought a ZooThe Help was the best of the group. I liked Cheaper by the Dozen too, but I was disappointed in the ending. Lesson: bratty kids get what they want. I thought The Graduate was so boring, and Dustin Hoffman’s character irritated the crap out of me, which is likely why he received an Oscar nom for the role.

source: IMDB
Sunday – race day – came and went. As I watched even more television and movies that I can’t even remember, I wondered if I’d ever start feeling better. I walked a mile around the block and then, exhausted, slept for hours.

Now I am wondering if I have the blogger's curse? I was just bragging about how I crushed my training plan, nailed every workout, and did every thing right. 

And how much fitness have I lost?  I haven’t had a real run in 14 days. And this cold really wiped me out. 

When will I be able to start training again? I walked another mile today and was exhausted again. My “second chance” race is Vegas Rock ‘n Roll December 2. 

Will I be back to where I was pre-cold?

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