Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Superman Complex Strikes Again

Running 101. After a race, rest. Best to rest or take an easy day for each mile of the race. For example, after a 10K, no speed work or hard effort runs 6 days.

I know the rules. But . . .

Thursday’s race didn’t feel like a hard effort, so I thought I was ay-okay to long run on Saturday. “I have strong legs.” I bailed after 9 miles because my calves were not right. The calves continued to ache into my long run effort on Sunday. Yet I finished the run because “I haven’t been injured in a while, and I’ll be fine.” These are exact transcriptions of my thoughts, scary.

This is not the first time I’ve believed that running rules do not apply to me. I have a Superman complex when it comes to running. Thankfully, according to Wikipedia, I can expect to lose my Superman complex in less than 4 years, phew!

A Superman complex is what occurs to young adults and adults that are between the age of 17 through 35. Nothing can damage them. Superman is nearly invincible as they see themselves within these years. 

But seriously, I'll be fine by race day, Sunday! This Clark Kent speaking. 

Week 12: 39 miles

Monday 11/19: 15 minutes elliptical until boredom set in, and I jumped on the treadmill for 2 miles; leg workout.
Tuesday 11/20: Speed workout – 5 x 1 km at 9.4 (6:22) with 0.5 km slow running recoveries. 7.2 miles.
     This workout was already subject of its own whiny post.
Wednesday 11/21: Yoga.
Thursday 11/22: United Run For the Hungry 10K in downtown San Diego.
     Big time PR! Official results: 39:24 (6:20 average pace).
Friday 11/23: 2 hours of tennis.
     I cover about 2 miles for each hour of tennis I play. I say "cover" because a lot of that distance is walking around the court and picking up balls. The rest is kind of dancing and prancing and occasionally sprinting around the court. Foot work folks!  
Saturday 11/24: Easy run – 9 miles up to Swami’s beach and back. 1 hour tennis.
     I was in the zone with the backhand. Hit some backhand beauties up the line for winners – the most satisfying shot in tennis and one of the best feelings in the sporting world. Lining up the shot. Waiting for the ball. The swing of the racket and the pop off the strings. The bounce of the ball on the open court, and the sound of the ball’s crash with the back fence. Winner!
Sunday 11/25: Progression run – 14 miles total with last 3 at 7:15 in Mission Bay.
     Probably the last hard effort of the training cycle. An eerie feeling.

two little runners (Kristen)

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