Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Week of Epic Runs

The week started out in Malibu on Saturday. A little weekend trip to attend a wedding. I woke up unexpectedly early and ran along the coast at sunrise. The Malibu coast faces south, so I saw the sun rise over the ocean. Probably one of the few spots on the west coast where you can see the sun rise over the water? Then after breakfast, a coastal hike in Point Magu State Park in the Santa Monica Mountains. Epic ocean views.

Ray Miller Trail
Sunday evening, back in San Diego. The scene: Mission Bay Park. After a long warm up, I ran 5 miles at race pace – 6:50. I saw sunset on the ocean side of the park and a beautiful full moon over purple skies on the bay side. I remember feeling incredible after this run. Exhilarated. And confident in my ability to hold this pace for 13.1 – but now that I am writing about it . . . the feeling seems like someone else’s. I need another fast run to get my confidence back up!!

Then the most epic run of them all. Speed. Tuesday 6:20-8:04 p.m. Treadmill. 15 x 0.5 miles at 9.3 (6:27). I treated this workout very much like a race. I thought about it all week, really all training cycle. This was my most difficult workout. I visualized it. I even fueled for it. No bean and cheese burrito (=my favorite food) the night before. But rather, chicken tacos (more sensible). Then the day of the workout, I put a few more carbs into my diet (big crusty bready sandwich for lunch).  And hydrated all day long. I was ready. I crushed it.

Thank you, running.

Week 9 (10/27-11/2):  29 miles

Saturday (10/27): Easy run in Malibu, 5.5 miles at 8:30 pace. Hike in Point Magu State Park on the Ray Miller trail, 4.5 miles.

Sunday (10/28): Tempo run in Mission Bay Park, 8 miles with 5 miles at 6:50 pace.

Monday (10/29): Yoga.

Tuesday (10/30): Speed workout on treadmill. 15 x 0.5 miles at 9.3 (6:27 pace), 0.25 rest intervals (walking). 104 minutes, 11 miles.

Wednesday (10/31): Rest, so tired . . .

Thursday (11/1): Weights, legs/plyo/core.

Friday (11/2): Rest.

two little runners (Kristen)

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