Thursday, November 8, 2012

Zeddie Little, the Gerber baby of runners

Zeddie Little became an overnight internet sensation when he was captured in the best candid race photo ever taken, according to the NYT.

Why does he look so good when I look like this:
Damn it Brightroom!
Is it the effortlessness on his face? The socially appropriate amount of sweat? The way the sun reflects off of his perfect hair? His smile? Or, likely, he actually gave a shit about what he looked like at that moment in the race. 

Zeddie (and how great is that name?!) makes me believe that good race photos are achievable. And since most runners can't run with the grace of Tirunesh Dibaba or the beauty of Allyson Felix, and are just not "ridiculously photogenic" like Zeddie, I think the photographers need to step it up!

First, take photos of us early in the race, when we are feeling good, hydrated and fueled, and believe we can still achieve our PRs. Not when three quarters of the race are over, our bodies are exhausted, we have sweat 'staches, and our hopes and dreams crushed (above). And quantity is important. If you shoot 60 frames per second, odds are at least one of them will be good, no? Finally, take photos when we are in the air, not when our legs hit the ground . . . shaking jowls are only adorable on a bloodhound. 

By Bruce (Flickr) via Wikimedia Commons
The NYT quotes a Brightroom executive as responding to runners' griefs: "That's the way you're running. You've probably never seen yourself run before." That's just like a photographer to blame the subject. 

two little runners (Kristen)

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