Monday, December 17, 2012

A Year of Racing . . . 2012

Even after the Vegas incident, we must admit it was a great year for these two little runners. It was our first year of real running--i.e., having a training plan and actually following it. We both ran our first half marathons and PR-ed big time on our second attempts (within seconds of each others' time!). We survived SoCal Ragnar. We also picked up some great times along the way in our 10K tuneups. 

January - Carlsbad - K's first half marathon

 February - Cardiff Kook 10K - PR for K that lasted 9 months

 March - Mission Hills 10K - K's first first place finish

 April - SoCal Ragnar - K & P (along with 10 others) conquer 200 miles

 May - not pictured
K bruised a foot bone whilst running Ragnar night leg (dark, dim headlamp, dirt road, hole)
P training, training, training for Simi Valley Half  

RnR San Diego - K's half marathon PR
Simi Valley - P's first half marathon

P moves to NYC!
Bolt to the Q 5K - K and K's mom crush it!

 August - Americas Finest City 5K - K learned a lesson about mental toughness (need it)

Girl Scouts 5K - K's best race prize, a case of Girl Scout cookies
NYC Runs Labor Day 10K -  P sets PR and earns best race prize, 
free entry to next NYC Runs race

Still September
RnR Philadelphia - P's half marathon PR

October - not pictured - K & P training, training, training for RnR Vegas Half

November - United Run for the Hungry 10K - new PR for K!

 December - RnR Vegas Half - at least we finished!

Still December
NYC Hot Chocolate 10K - P's new 10K PR

two little runners


  1. YAY congrats to both of you for doing so well with your training-plans and racing this year!!
    I know you've got another great year ahead! and hopefully I run into you guys at an SD race in 2013!

    1. Definitely! I'll probably run the San Dieguito Half Marathon in late February. I've heard great things about it! Kristen