Thursday, December 27, 2012

Free as a bird and Christmas Prezzies

I'm not usually one to back away from a challenge. After the Las Vegas 1/2 went pear-shaped and my 10K was pretty underwhelming, Jake and Andrea suggested I hop in a 5K to get a PR and a good indicator of my current fitness. This, the thinking went, would really help me map out a training plan for future halfs/marathons in the new year. 

So I decided to do a Santa 5K run out in Rockaway Beach, Queens. Paid up and all. Which is weird for me, because I usually wait until the last minute, figuring there is almost always something that could prevent me racing (usually some dumb niggle).

Well I felt ok after the 10K. A bit tired but pretty fine. I rested for two days post race, then cross-trained on the elliptical the rest of the week. I was set to run the 5K on Dec 22nd. 

And then three things happened. I realized that because of Hurricane Sandy, the subway was still partly down in Rockaway. It would've taken me nearly 2 hours to get there and back with buses. Second, the weather went from a balmy 40-50 degrees to 30 degrees. The former is bearable. The latter begins to crush my spirit a little. Finally, the wind. 30mph winds were forecast. On a beach. With 30 degree weather. F*** that. 

So I felt a little wimpy for not doing the race. And I know I have a little PTSD with respect to wind after Vegas. But I was going to run it for a good PR/time trial, not to prove that I'm a complete hard-ass. So I figured it was going to be more fun to run a slower and less windy 8 miles through Riverside park and do a more 'true' 5K effort sometime later down the road.

Anyway, for now I am just going to enjoy some easy miles, get in some good strength training, and rest up my glute/hamstring weirdness before I set my sights on the next goal. It is so lovely, running whatever mileage/speed I want, outside of a training plan!! I feel free as a bird!

In the meantime, I am also enjoying two of my favorite Christmas presents. From the hubs, sexy new compression socks, made all the more attractive with the addition of wide-leg pants and Birkenstocks:

And my Christmas present, from me to me. A monstrosity of a down-coat, complete with fur-lined hood and water-proof shell, to  shelter me from the current impending gloom that is the New York winter. Below is not the exact jacket I bought, but very similar.

A re-enactment of Penelope's purchase of bulbous down coat, beneath which all legs look like toothpicks.

Merry Christmas all and have a safe and Happy New Year!


  1. Sorry it didn't work out, but the last thing you needed was ANOTHER super windy race. You are going to be due for some nice race weather in 2013!!! :-)

    1. Haha, yes! I didnt want to be "that girl" moaning about bad conditions in another race. Not every race can be perfect, obviously, but I don't think I'll ever under-estimate wind again!
      - Penny

  2. Birkenstocks, Toms, argyle, and the puffer - all in one post - this is just too much for me. ;) K

    1. Haha, its like yuppie-hippie-midwestern-golfingprepster all in one