Saturday, December 15, 2012

Enter Marathon

After nearly 2 years of regular running, and 1 year of 30-40 mile weeks, daily yoga, and weekly leg/plyo running specific workouts, my legs feel ready. They’re strong now. 2013 is the year – my first marathon!

I’m in the very early planning stages. I haven’t picked out a race . . . April, May, June? Or a goal pace . . . just leaving it open for now.

But true to my type-A personality disorder, I've read numerous training plans. The plans I've read generally have about a 6 week base building period devoted almost entirely easy running. Some throw in progressions or moderate tempos. Long runs here and there. But overall easy. 

After just completing 13 intense weeks of training for the RnR Vegas Half, I am ready for some easy running.

And easy running may be all I’ll have the time and energy for. Penny and I are scheduled to begin a 4 week trial in S.D.N.Y. on January 7. So we don't expect to have much time for running. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able hit the treadmill at some point most days, in between the 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 hour days we are anticipating . . . we don’t want to have to change the title of this blog to two little non-runners!

Any recommendations for a spring marathon?

12/3-12/8 Recovery Week after RnR Vegas Half – 0 miles
Running and I took a “break” this week. But my sore quads wouldn't let me forget what happened in Vegas. I took it easy by doing lots of yoga and stretching, some light weight training, and easy cardio on the elliptical and bike.

Spring 2013 Marathon Week 1: 12/9-12/15 – 4h45m/33.6 miles

S 12/9 – 60” easy in the San Dieguito Lagoon at 9:00 = 7 miles. Core.
            My first run post-Vegas broke me out of my race mourning (drama queen, I know). Started reading about marathon training. Decided to run one this spring. Excited about running again. Break over.

M 12/10 – 45” easy on treadmill at 8:30, 2-3% = 5.3 miles.
            Confession: last mile at 6:48 (RnR Vegas goal race pace), even though this was a scheduled easy run. Just needed to prove I still have it. 
T 12/11 – Legs/plyo.
            I felt like I was on PCP for this workout, or whatever the kids are taking now. Invincible. I could lift anything without the usual 40 miles on my legs. I am still paying for it. Queue sound effect [old man groan].

W 12/12 – 60” easy on treadmill at 8:30, 2% = 7 miles.

T 12/13 – 25” easy on treadmill at 8:10, 2% = 3 miles. Yoga.

F 12/14 – 45” easy on treadmill at 8:10, 2% = 5.5 miles. Core.

S 12/15 – 50” easy in Del Mar at 8:45 = 5.8 miles.

two little runners (Kristen)


  1. Helll two little runners....enjoy the blog posts, the windy half was insane especially at your weight levels. I wanted to run this St Patties Day Marathon down in Carolina but I am currently injured and plan to run the Marine Corps Marathon as my first with a group of 5 friends next Oct. You girls can join us if you're up for two in one year.

  2. Sorry that is

    1. We will tell any one who will listen that the wind was brutal! :)

      Sorry to hear you are injured! Must be pretty serious. :(

      The Marine Corps looks awesome. I read lots of blog posts on that one this fall. Definitely on my to do list! Just checked out the St. Patty's day race in NC - the course looks awesome! Max elevation 32 ft?! -Kristen