Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"A Life Beyond 'Do What You Love'"

"Perhaps you relish running marathons. Perhaps you even think of your exercise regimen as a form of self-improvement. But if your “something higher” is, say, justice and equality, those ideals might behoove you to delegate some of the many hours spent pounding the track on tutoring kids at the youth center. Our desires should not be the ultimate arbiters of vocation. Sometimes we should do what we hate, or what most needs doing, and do it as best we can."

"A Life Beyond 'Do What You Love'" - Gordon Marino, NY Times, 17 May 2014

~ Penny


  1. Great quote, and very different from a lot of the "me me me" running quotes out there!

    1. That quote made me think of your last post Gracie! ~Kristen