Thursday, May 8, 2014

Happy Blogiversary to Us

A few days ago, this blog turned two years old.
Kristen and I have been besties for about 2-3 years now. Its hard to pinpoint exactly when we fell in friend-love with each other. But somewhere after the time I began working in an office next to hers at our law firm, (and we began our daily coffee trips together) we fell into the beginning of the wonderful friendship we have today. Kristen had the unique distinction of getting me completely trashed on tequila on my first mexican/bar experience in California after I found out I passed the bar exam. 

And honestly? We've been through quite a lot of shit together in the last few years. Probably some of the hardest times in our lives so far. We've shared so much; and often in quite close proximity to one another. We've shared bosses, desks, cases, briefs, hotel rooms, clothes, relationship advice, training advice, the editing of our firm newsletter, injury diagnoses, food recommendations, 16 hour days in a windowless room while at trial... Not to mention sharing each others shoulders to cry on, when the going just got a little too tough. 

But before we get toooo sentimental here, there needs to be a bit of a disclaimer. Sometimes we probably fall into perhaps over-sharing. Is there such a thing? Here are a selections of things we've felt the need to share with one another (usually by free text message) even after moving a half a world away:

New arm-warmers complete with muscle shots:

Precisely how much I sweat while running in the South Australian heat.

What we've been snacking on lately...

New bizarre grains we've tried to cook up

And some less-old but massively delicious kitchen creations

New injuries 

New hair

Of course our new shoes

Lulu shopping trips

(This happens shockingly frequently)

New bags

And offices

And hotel rooms

Stretches we've been loving lately...
(This is not me!)

Or other training/injury advice

Come to think of it, we email/msg/send each other a lot of random crap:

Including some much needed venting sessions..

But despite being half a world away, Im thankful on a daily basis (because we actually do talk/email/msg that frequently) for having such a dear friend in this world, with whom I can share so much. Be it the heart-breaks of life, the tough circumstances we face at work, our latest grueling tempo runs, or the prettiest running shorts we can find. 

So on the two year anniversary of Two Little Runners - just one more thing we share - I want to say: 

Kristen, thanks for being my friend. You rock. 




  1. Awe, you two are too cute! What a lovely post and I LOVE that you two can share a blog :)

  2. If this wasn't so sweet, funny, and awesome, I would be mad at you for sharing my muscle shot! Haha! :) Love you PA! KA