Saturday, May 31, 2014

Friends/Pool Maintenance Guy Negate Injury

So Im still here, still injured and still spending an inordinate amount of time here...

...out-staring the pool maintenance man who bewilderedly witnesses the spectacle of me pool running in the mornings.

Ive been interspersing my pool running with bouts of stationary bike and weight lifting. Bike/pool to maintain that aerobic fitness, weights so I can wear gloves and grunt and act hard core like all the bros in my gym.

I hate myself quite a lot for taking a selfie in the lift. But it's demonstrative of said gloves and overall hard-coreness.

Anyway, I would love to give you an injury update but the long and short is we dont know what it is! Ive had an xray and ultrasound, all of which show some healthy bones and unmolested tendons, and a very happy and healthy plantar fascia. The only remaining cause could be neuro; ie, a nerve entrapment of some type in my foot. My podiatrist said its actually a good thing, because my foot is so generally healthy, and at least we know what not to look for now. 

Tomorrow im going to see a specialist sports med guy who will likely give me an MRI to confirm and hopefully a rehab schedule to follow. Unfortunately all the things my podiatrist was doing for the more obvious and common diagnoses - myofascial release (ie just a massage that induces a cold sweating, white knuckled response), orthotics, and tight taping of my foot - were likely squashing the nerve even further and generally making it worse. Since we've stopped those things, its gotten a lot better again! And given Ive gotten it to almost 100% before on my own, im hopeful that i can do it again with the right rehab.

In the meantime, Im not going to lie... I have had some very strong and violent urges when passing by basically every runner in Sydney ever... With all their stupid neon running gear (like all my stupid neon running gear), their ridiculous garmins (I heart my garmin) and their absurdly happy endorphin glow (must....have.... endorphins....).

The thing that has actually kept me most sane while injured are my favorite people. Obviously Kristen (who is racing San Diego RnR tomorrow with Meb - good luck!!) - duh...but also because she has been through a looooong injury before and knows exactly where I am at. Sam and Racer, amazing runners in their own rights who have suffered more than their fair share of injuries... My Dad who got me into this damned sport in the first place and who knows the heart ache of missing out on the miles... (And who has never stopped talking about witnessing my first marathon finish). My new workmates (most of whom just think im insane for loving running this much) have also been great. Especially GML, (you can stop complaining - consider this your shoutout on the blog) my bestie and coffee-partner at work, who has to listen to me endlessly discuss running and bear witness to my awesomely attractive pairings of corporate attire + grungey running shoes. 

But in reality its also about realizing that its JUST running. Even for professional runners its just running. Im thankful for friends who listen and care about it, but also remind me that there is more to life than this somewhat selfish and narcississtic pursuit of ours. Im grateful to have a lot of other things that keep me sane and grounded and happy until i get to run again.

In the meantime, I also have the unlikely bond I am developing with pool maintenance guy... And am cherishing his ever-increasing bewilderment at me and my horrendously fugly jogging belt. 

~ Penny


  1. We are both FINALLY going to be healthy (AND STAY HEALTHY), and it's going to be awesome!! :) K

  2. I wouldn't call it a selfish sport--look at the friends you've made. :)

    Re: pool running looking silly, fun story: an MMA fighter/boxer at my gym saw me doing it day in and day out, and... asked me to teach him how to do it himself. So those of discerning judgment who need low-impact options know it's legit.

    Maybe you should look into new shoes, too. Has your doctor looked at the wear pattern on the ones you had been using?

    I have faith that you'll be back to 100%!

    xoxo Sam