Friday, January 17, 2014

Big week to medium week to crap-my-hip-hurts week

Medium week:  Following my big 48 mile week, including a PR 15K!, I cut back a little bit for a 35 mile week and also began my pull up workouts. I was feeling energized, great, and positive. Looking forward to the Carlsbad Half (on Sunday 1/19)!

Su 1/5
Needed a REST DAY post-race. Did Yoga For Athletes DVD, felt amazing!

M 1/6
RUN: 8.75 miles easy in the morning.
PULL UP: Workout #1. 3x10 assisted pullup, 3x15 low row, 3x15 3 way shoulder raises, 3x10 assisted dips.

Tu 1/7
RUN: Legs and core workout.

W 1/8
RUN: 7 miles easy, but hilly, in the morning
PULL UP: 2 miles easy on treadmill as warm up to pull up workout #2. 2x20 pushups, 3 sets cable rows, 3 sets military press, 3 sets pullovers, 2 sets 3 way plank

RUN: Speed workout on treadmill 6.5 miles total with 6 x 0.6 at 9.0 (6:39 pace) with 0.25 rest intervals at 6.0 (10:00) @ 2%

F 1/10
RUN: 2 miles easy on treadmill
PULL UP: Workout #3. 3x15 bar pull ups, 3x15 supinated pull downs, 3x15 upright rows, 3x15 close grip bench press

Sa 1/11
RUN: 8 miles easy

Crap-my-hip-hurts week:  So I went on a 15.5 mile long run on Sunday. Goal was a confidence boosting run for the race. After, my legs felt cranky. You know--sore, tense, curled up. By Monday, I noticed stiffness and soreness in my right hip.

Then Tuesday I sat on an airplane to Chicago for 4+ hours. Sat in meetings all day Wednesday and then another 4+ hour flight back to San Diego. Not good for el hippo.

I consulted Penny, who suggested it was hip bursitis, and then I consulted the internets, which pretty much confirmed it. 

I came across a Dr. Metzl video on Runner's World website on hip injuries, which I think EVERY RUNNER NEEDS TO WATCH!!!!!!! Hip injuries are potentially very serious, as we've all learned from Penny's femoral neck stress reaction. In short, pain in the front of the hip - bad, bad, bad! STOP RUNNING!!! Pain in the side of the hip - you're probably alright. Usually a case of too much too soon. 

Please, please, please watch the video!!

So I laid low the rest of the week. Doing tons of yoga, stretching, rolling. And I'm feeling pretty decent! Race day is Sunday!!

Su 1/12
RUN: 15.5 miles

M 1/13
RUN: 3 miles easy on treadmill.
PULL UP: 3x20 push ups; 3x15 single arm rows (20 lbs); 3x15 front raises (10 pound plate); 3 way planks 2x30 seconds.

Th 1/14
RUN: legs and core workout.

W 1/15
Traveling, etc. for work. No workouts.

Th 1/16
PULL UP: 3x10 assisted chin ups, 3x15 low rows, 3x15 3 way shoulder raises, 3x6 dips (unassisted), 3x15 bar pull ups, 3x30 sec 3 way planks.

F 1/17
Yoga, stretching, rolling

S 1/18
Yoga, stretching, rolling


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  1. Hip can be so serious, which is why I took MONTHS off over groin/referred hip pain....only to discover it was a chronic condition (osteitis pubis) related to scoliosis, not running. But I'd rather be careful! I'm really bad at feeling and localizing pain, and I didn't want it to be a serious hip injury. Glad you are doing better and that stretching helped. I'm discovering that a lot of my melodramatic pain miraculously fades when I, you know, actually stretch ;-)
    Are you doing yoga dvds or youtube or going to certain classes?