Sunday, January 26, 2014

I'm a sucker for a shoe sale

I went online to buy my next pair of Saucony Mirages and ended up with pairs of Sketcher GoRun 2s and Saucony Virratas. Big sales! The Sketchers were $50 and the Sauconys were $70. January must be the time of year to buy running shoes!

They are both light weight trainers in the minimalist category. The Sketchers are 4mm drop and Saucs are 0mm. But they have cushioning so I've read. I was really surprised with how light they were when I took them out of the boxes. 

Off to try them out! 

two little runners

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  1. I always pay at least $115 for my Mizunos. In Dec, I got a pair on sale because I knew the new version would be released soon. I am still hoarding them, even though I know I should be wearing them. I am really interested in hearing your thoughts on the Sketchers. Surprisingly, I hear great things about them but I still think of them as a hipster shoe company, not running shoes!