Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Did I really find a way to complain about January temps in the 70s? And the complaint is that it caused me to run too much. Yep.

I commented on Gracie’s “Obligatory ‘I went running in the cold’ Post” that it’s been so beautiful in San Diego. It is perhaps too cruel to even mention that for the last two weeks we’ve been experiencing June in January while the rest of the country is frozen in.

Or perhaps not.

It’s been gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! January is absolutely the best month to run in San Diego. The sun is out, the skies are clear, but the temperatures are mild. Mid 50s in the mornings and low 70s at noon.

My mom texted me a weather report on Monday:  it was -45F in Illinois.

Conditions in Chicago
Meanwhile in San Diego, it was 75F.

Conditions in San Diego the same day (a view from the reading
room at our new central library).
130 degrees warmer . . . cRAzY!

Never-ending gorgeous days, however, have their own hazards! Having just come back from cold, snowy, icy Illinois for Christmas, I ran every single day the first week of January, resulting in a 49 mile week that included a 15K race – which I ran pretty hard.

Feel sorry for me?

Race week – 49 miles…oops!

12/29 (Sunday) – 13 mile long run on OB bike path and in Mission Bay. 8:30s and 8:00s at the end.

12/30 (Monday) – 6 mile easy run on treadmill. 8:30s mostly. +yoga

12/31 (Tuesday) – 6 mile easy run in Balboa Park + 6 short, steep hill sprints (about 40 steps). These left me sore for days. +yoga

1/1 (Wednesday) – 8.5 mile easy run on OB bike path and Presidio. Never saw another runner the entire time!

1/2 (Thursday) – 4 mile easy run on treadmill. Upper body/core. +yoga

1/3 (Friday) – 2 miles easy on treadmill as warm up to long yoga/stretching session.

1/4 (Saturday) – Resolution Run 15K. 9.4 miles at average pace of 7:08. 

two little runners

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  1. Even I don't feel sorry for you, and it's back to the 40's and 50's here today.