Sunday, January 5, 2014

San Diego Resolution Run 15K

On Saturday, January 04, 2014, I ran the Resolution Run 15K in San Diego.This was my second time running this race. I ran over 3 minutes faster than I did in 2012, which was good enough for a new 15K PR of 1:06:55. I was the 11th female overall and 4th in my division, F30-39.  

My plan for this race was to use it as a fitness test and break through workout for my spring half marathon training.  With the help of a flat course and absolutely perfect weather conditions – no wind, 54 degrees, and overcast courtesy of a coastal eddy – I accomplished both!

Going into the race, I had in mind an average pace of 7:20. I ran the first 6 miles of the race at 7:15-7:20. This felt "comfortably hard," which is how it's supposed to feel, I guess. My breathing was relaxed and my legs felt great at these paces.

Mile 1 – 7:19:
The start was relaxed, and I easily got around some of the crowd and settled into the 7:20 pace.
Where's Kristen?
Mile 2 – 7:15:
I settled into this pace with 2 other runners.

Mile 3 – 7:14:
But I soon lost my running buddies, one to a untied shoe lace (never saw him again). And the other picked up the pace to around 6:50, so I let her go. But I kept her pink shirt in my sights.

Mile 4 – 7:19:
I passed four female runners this mile around Fiesta Island.
Course Map
 Mile 5 – 7:16:
A race of 500 runners, and I was alone on the course this mile. So check out the outfit. I wore arm warmers for the first time. They seem like a silly and completely unnecessary item of clothing. And they probably are. But I was exactly the right temperature in them.

Note sure what this finish line was doing here in mile 5. 
Mile 6 – 7:14:
Miles 5 to the end were on an out and back straight away. I like courses designed like this so I can see the fast runners and be inspired. And, most importantly, count what place female I am. I was 15th. I decided to try to push the pace in the last 5K of the race to 7:00 minute miles.

Mile 7 – 7:01:
Passed 2 female runners in this mile and was slowly closing in on the pink shirt runner that I had let go of in mile 3.

Mile 8 – 6:58:
Passed 1 more female runner. Still closing on pink shirt runner, but she had picked up the pace too. I still had a lot of energy left, and breathing was pretty good. Just a little choppy, so I ran the rest of the race fast.

Mile 9 – 6:50:
Starting to breath heavy at this pace and point in the race. Still behind pink shirt runner.

And to the finish (~0.4 miles) – 2:28 (6:24 av pace):
I caught up to pink shirt runner after mile 9.  She was listening to head phones, so she couldn't hear my heavy breathing.  I stayed behind her, and then I surged by in the last quarter mile or so, beating her by 5 seconds.  I felt sort of petty for doing this. Thinking back, 24 hours later, with the competitive instinct worn off, I wish I would have said to her, “Come on, let’s sprint to the finish!”

Oh well… 

But I was proud of myself for keeping the idea of staying with her in my mind the entire race and being tough enough to catch her in the last 3 miles. She was about 100 meters ahead of me most of the way.

It was also great to negative split and be able to pass a lot of people in the final miles and feel strong (recommended) instead of going out faster, trying to hang on, and feeling like death (not recommended). In this race, the two approaches might have resulted in the same time, but I strongly prefer being the passer not the passed!

two little runners


  1. Awesome negative splits! And I am so glad you are feeling better and able to get out there and race on the roads :)
    I read a story not too long ago about two women racing a 5K who had been in the lead back and forth for most of the race; they did not know each other prior to the race, but finished together tying and holding hands. It was really sweet. But, honestly, I have no idea how anyone thinks of doing that during a 5K! My only thoughts are: get to the finish line.

    1. Aww, that's sweet. I wish I was sweet like that. But I just can't turn off that competitive instinct - even if the difference is 11th or 12th place, haha!

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