Friday, January 3, 2014

Two Little Runners 2013 Roundup

In typical TLR fashion, after all the other blogs have started writing out their goals for 2014, we're only just getting around to rounding up last year. Cummon you guyzzzzaaah, we're busy busy lawyers 'n' all that. An excuse that would work if we'd actually been, you know, at work.

Aaaaanyway, here's how our 2013 played out:

January and February  

Triaaaaaal omggghhhhaaaadddd its sooooo haaaaarrrrrribleeeeeee!


Whipping ourselves back into shape because triaaaaaal omggghhhhaaaadddd its sooooo haaaaarrrrrribleeeeeee.

Also, Penny, placing in a chilly half marathon in Rhode Island, wins enough cash to cover less than half the race entry! Score!

She decides not to give up her day job.


Back in shape, Kristen places first in Mission Trails 10K and sets a new 5K PR at Carlsbad 5000

Carlsbad 5000 (Kristen not pictured)

Kristen begins 5 month injury-induced silence after a training run unexpectedly results in a freak ankle sprain.

Penny runs her marathon debut and learns about climbing and descending stairs as a geriatric.


Kristen's silence continues...

Penny recovers from marathon and the key-lime-pie-induced coma that was a holiday to the Florida Keys, to discover the joys of running in New York City in the spring...

...before descending into the pits of more work-hell, resulting in another long stay in San Diego, and less sleep, less running and even more cortizol than trial. But happily ending in some good times with Kristen. 

What do two little runners do when they're not really running? 



Kristen: Crickets continue...

Penny could use a cricket or two, after bailing on her first and only vaguely-set goal of running a 5K race. Big moment. Not really worth a hyperlink.


Kristen, the silent...

Penny sets her sights on the Philadelphia Rock n Roll half marathon and Philadelphia full marathon as her Fall race goals. And tries to remember how to run in stinking sweaty east coast summer heat. 

NYC, your beauty belies your stinkiness. 
And spends some much needed time in Australia with family and carb-loading on wine and cake. 

For Gracie who loved the cake pics more than the people pics :)


Kristen: The silent period.

Penny: Finds Kristen! Forces her to eat oysters and disgusting sea urchin ice cream.

Trust us, you dont want to see that ice-cream again.

Penny also runs the Rock N Roll half in Philly resulting in a lovely PR....

....and even lovelier stress reaction of her femoral neck!


Kristen breaks silence!!! Vows to run (and blog) again!!

Penny takes her injured-running-blogger's vow of silence, broken only briefly for a lovely hike


Kristen's back! Racing a 3 mile turkey trot with Dad!

It was cold
Penny tried pool-running a few times but didn't write about it cos it sucked. The end.


Two Little Runners goes international. 
Penny moves home to Australia.
Doing some of this: 

More of this:

And plenty of this:

 And as great as it is to be home again.... can't wait til 2014 brings more of this:

Happy New Year!

~  Penny and Kristen  - TLRs

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  1. BECAUSE CAKE IS DELICIOUS IS WHY. Also, because it reminds me of a raspberry chocolate cake I had as a birthday cake once (as a kid) that I still remember.
    Now. You two need to both be healthy and PRing and things this year. And perhaps I will join you...