Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lazy Little Runner #1 biweekly roundup

I spent the last few weeks busy with work, friends, having family visits and preparing to spend this week in Australia. Totally legit reasons not to blog and yet another reason why sharing a running blog so LR#2 can do all the heavy lifting was a great idea .

June 16-23 Roundup
Monday: easy 5 miles + strength
Tuesday: easy 3 miles
Wednesday: upper body and core +elliptical intervals
Thursday: easy 6 miles
Friday: rest
Saturday: rest and stretch
Sunday: my pace-testing run, Simi Valley half marathon
Total: 27 miles

June 24-30 Roundup
This week I was taking it easy after feeling a little pain in my hip and groin area after the half.

Incidentally, Kristen and I are in no way too old to not snigger every time we say the word "groin". Similarly we get some good mileage out of "fartlek".

Anyway, the low mileage week,while expected, still drove me a bit batty. It's one reason that I don't so much like the racing-during-training-cycle concept because it can throw you off so much. That said racing is pretty fun so I'm probably not sworn off it completely :)

Monday: rest and stretch
Tuesday: rest and stretch
Wednesday: 6 miles @ around 8:45 pace
Thursday: 60 mins elliptical intervals (1 min easy, 2 mins hard with 10 mins warmup and warm down)
Friday: 8 miles base pace at around 8:30
Saturday: rest
Sunday: rest
Total: 14 miles

Next week's roundup: running in Australia on amazing coffee and lots and lots of cake.

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