Wednesday, July 4, 2012

San Dieguito Lagoon - (short) Horsepark Segment Open

The Fourth of July. An overcast and cool day in San Diego . . . not great for beach-goers and BBQs. But outstanding weather for running. Not a bit of sun and temperatures under 65 degrees. Time for a long run.

I headed out to the San Dieguito Lagoon to check out the new segment I saw was open the last time I ran here. The new segment goes passed the Del Mar Horsepark. It isn't very long, only about a quarter mile. 

Trail Map
But it is scenic. 

And there are horses!

There is a horse in there somewhere . . .
And a meadow.

That's Black Mountain way way way in the distance. 

The trail through the San Dieguito Lagoon is part of the Coast to Crest Trail, which someday may be a continuous trail from Julian to Del Mar. Although the segments are not continuous, there are about 65 miles of trail so far, and there is one trail that is 22.5 continuous miles. When will it be complete? The FAQ puts it this way: It is [a project] that not only you, but your children and perhaps grandchildren will be able to participate in.


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