Monday, July 16, 2012

LR#2 Week 5 of 10 - 5K to Couch?

Speed workouts . . . the best practice is to be conservative and not to push too hard. Slowly build speed over time. I have read this sage advice in dozens of books, articles, and blogs. I've even given this advice to other runners. But still. I have to learn the hard way . . .

I pressed too hard during my last speed workout (week ago Sunday), and I strained something. I discovered the strain on Tuesday when I was running hill sprints. Things were not going smoothly in my right glute going up the hill. I had full range of motion and power, but I could feel a problem in there.

So what did I do? Well, first I completed the 5 hill sprints. Bad again.

Then I took the rest of the week off of running and cardio. Total miles this week 3.2.

I used the week to build some strength through some hard core weight workouts. Knowing I wasn't going to run this week, I didn't hold back on the weights, destroying my legs with a leg workout and plyo. I also did an upper body workout, a few core sessions, and yoga.

My legs are feeling strong, and I am itching to run. Keeping my fingers crossed that I am fully recovered before the Bolt to the Q 5K this weekend!!


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