Sunday, July 8, 2012

LR#2 Week 4 of 10 in the Summer of 5K

Coming off training for half marathons for the last 9 months, my legs are supremely conditioned for the long run. But they are not used to speed and strength workouts required for 5K! As a result, last week, I was so so so so so sore from hill sprints, legs (weights), a speed workout, and then a fast tempo run. I took it super easy early in the week, and only ran 3 days total. 

I did the longest run I have done in over a month on the 4th: 14.3 miles. It felt great. My legs started to fatigue at about 12, so I am losing some distance fitness . . . but hopefully gaining some speed fitness along the way! 

This week was my the first significant speed workout of this training cycle. Prior speed workouts were sprints at 3K pace for only 20, 30, 40 seconds. Today, I kicked up the interval to about 1 km at 5K pace. It was SO HARD! Definitely the hardest speed workout I've ever done!

This week's proprioceptive cue from Matt Fitzgerald's Brain Training For Runners was floppy feet. For this cue, think about keeping your foot relaxed. But continue to strike the ground normally. This allows your foot to absorb impact forces--exactly what the foot is designed to do.

Monday (7/2): Complete rest.

Tuesday (7/3): Core strength workout.

Wednesday (7/4): Freedom run. I gave myself license to run as far as I wanted at any pace, no Garmin, no audio cues on Runkeeper. I went 14.3 miles at 8:50 in Del Mar.

Thursday (7/5): Plyo workout.

Friday (7/6): Elliptical intervals, 30 minutes; upper body strength workout.

Saturday (7/7): Long run, 11.20 miles at 8:30 in Carlsbad.

Sunday (7/8): Intervals in Solana Beach. 5.37 miles with 4 x 1 km intervals at 6:20-6:30 (5K pace), 0.25 mile rest intervals.

Beach stairs at South Ponto State Beach in Carlsbad.

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