Saturday, June 2, 2012

10 tips for the day before a race

1. Think about your target race pace. Pick goals for each split. Determine a contingency plan if you are feeling fast or slow.

2. Carb load, minimize dairy; or at least don't eat anything you've never eaten before.

3. Hydrate extra and don't drink alcohol.

4. Eat earlier than you normally do because you'll be getting up earlier than normal.

5. Have all racing stuff out and ready to go (e.g. pin bib to shirt, attach timing chip to shoe, charge Garmin) so you don't have to think about anything at the crack of dawn when you are feeling like a zombie, regretting the day you decided to register.

6. Lay out breakfast items for fast preparation.

7. Determine your driving route to the start line and where you need to park.

8. Determine what time you need to leave in the morning and set alarm.

9. Don't work out or run very hard. Instead, stretch out the hips, hams, quads, glutes, calves, and any other hot spots you have.

10. Go to bed early and get good rest.


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